The Best Paper Trimmer for My Scrapbooking


Paper trimmers are there to help when you want to cut photos, stationery or other documents. There are many sizes, types of paper trimmers to choose from and you can go from a personal paper cutter that is highly portable to a desktop trimmer with non-slip feet.

What type? What features?

Settling with a specific type of paper trimmer is not that difficult if you know exactly what you are going to use it for. Go for a magnetic trimmer that cuts shape and patterns into the edges of 12×12 if you like scrapbooking more than anything. A rotary trimmer is the best choice for crafting and scrapbooking.

You can go with a trimmer with blade carriers, that is highly useful for any art project. There is a hidden blade inside its carrier for an easier handling and you may also get spare cutting blades. Your trimmer might come with a scoring blade or you may buy it separately.

The rotary blade trimmer features a disc moving on paper and cutting it. The cut is not always very accurate because of possible deflection of the disc, but the rotary blade trimmer still makes a good choice for the scrapbooking. As it’s long lasting, the rotary blade trimmer is also good for work at courses.

The lever trimmer has a big blade and is able to cut multiple sheets at once and this is why is the no.1 choice for offices. It’s also not difficult to sharpen.

No matter which type you go with, it’s good to know that most trimmers come with rulers that help you get the accurate cuts and the professional finish.

Paper trimmers work with a great variety of supplies and there are many types of cutter, punches and tools to choose from. The cutting mats, the embellishment tools, the stamping and embossing options are also aspects to consider when you decide to get a paper trimmer. However, here’s a more extensive article on paper trimmers.

What to look for on your paper trimmer?

No matter if you’re new to scrapbooking or not, you already know by now that a paper trimmer gives you not only speed, but also accuracy. Even though it might seem expensive at first, you get to realize in time that no scissors or steady hands can give you the perfect, straight cuts that a paper trimmer is able to give. So, even if you spend some money, you save time and win precision on your creative projects.

When you pick your paper trimmer it’s important to know the cutting length you want for your crafting. Typical scrapbooking requires 31 cm long deck, so check the length you most often use and need before choosing.

If you intend to use the paper trimmer on regular basic, like every day, go for a longer lasting model that is more expensive. But, it’s an investment for the long run, so it’s worth it.

Try to find paper trimmers with available sparing cutting blade also. No matter how durable the paper trimmer is, the blades do wear down eventually and you lose the accuracy on your cuts. You also need scoring blades on your paper trimmer, either they come in the initial package or you buy it afterwards. One scoring blade is enough and you only use it for scoring, making folds, creasing and edging.

Last considerations

Let’s say that you took a leap of faith and already decided which type of paper trimmer to get. No matter which type you go, there’s always need to be safe when using it. A good paper trimmer should have safety lock so keep that closed when you’re trimming paper. Always place paper face up on the face of the machine and it’s best to use the scrap papers for better results.

In the end, most paper trimmers have specific features for safer use and it’s best to use them all the time.