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Past Events & Exhibits

With 10,000 years of shows and events we surely can't list them all here and so we'll list just a few of our previous shows when The Faux Museum was last open here in Portland, Oregon.

Our most recent past exhibition [February, 2013 - Sept, 2013] was a threesome. Here's an explanation:

The Monument of the 7th Dimension - Follow our hand built portal to the Monument of the 7th Dimension and immerse yourself into the actual 7th Dimension. You'll visit the 7 stations of the 7D and receive a brand new name fashioned from the wisdom of the 7th Dimension. After visiting the stations of the 7th Dimension you will soon be inculcated and a part of of our grand, life changing and totally new and encompassing vision of your place in the universe.

A few of the benefits of the 7th Dimension:

  • Better Gas Mileage
  • Twice as many Facebook friends or Likes
  • Better body Chakra [if you know what we mean.]
  • And many, many more!

The Faux Museum: 10,000 Years of History! This show illuminates our illustrious history as the world’s first and oldest museum. This exhibit brings together never before seen artifacts and living histories to guide you through our amazing past. You'll see our very first poster, next to our very first museum location, our route of migration from the old world over the Bering land bridge (Beringia) into the new world, and many, many more interesting and intreagueing artifacts including the first curators facial hair and photographs of many of the old curators.

Our second show at the Faux: The Faux Beringia Sound Pods: The Sounds Inside Your Id, is where the pedestrian meets the ethereal and becomes transcendent. These three pods were found on a grassy savannah amidst a heard of grazing mammoth by the migrating curator and his family over 9,000 years ago and were moved by wheel and cart to their present location. These sound pods are uniquely distinct and will produce sounds some of which sound hauntingly familiar, others will raise the flesh bumps on the back of your neck.

And here are some others you missed (insert sad-face icon here.)

  • The Presidential Briefs: The Underwear of the Presidents.
  • The Faux Masters: 24 artists drew, sculpt, or painted there versions of art inspired by or copied from the masters.
  • Hello My Name is Phillippe. This was The Faux Museum's look into the effect of numbers and unicorns on our social interactions.
  • One Dollar, One Vote: The election of the president of the New World Order.